Full Dentures & Biofunctional Dentures in Laval

Full Denture

A full dental prosthesis - also called a denture - is the result of a combination of means and techniques aimed at complete dental rehabilitation. The upper denture is held into place due to a phenomenon known as "capillarity" while the lower denture, which is usually more unstable, is held into place, among other things, by and anatomical-functional impression based on the patient's oral conditions. The denture is removable so that it can be taken out and put back in when one pleases. There are three types of devices: conventional, semi-precision and equilibrated. A consultation with your denturist will help you to recognize the differences. The advantages of the removable full denture are:

  1. Custom-made based on anatomical-functional impressions
  2. Suited to your smile and above all, to your liking
  3. Easy to maintain
  4. Easily adjustable

This type of denture has a 5-7-year lifespan. Do not hesitate to consult the New Smile Center for a denture that is suited to your mouth.


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