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New Smile Center offers many services, including the manufacturing of removable dentures, implant supported dentures, anti-snoring mouthpieces, mouth guards, and bruxism plates. No matter what your needs are, we will listen to you and provide you with high-quality custom products.

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Soft base

The soft base is a resin, also commonly known as a "cushion", which is adhered to the inside of your lower removable full denture to relieve pressure and friction that can injure the gums. With a shelf life of 3 years, the soft base is a good alternative to minimize ulcers and increase comfort.

On Site Repair (1 hour)

Repair is a laboratory technique involving specific dental materials to restore a denture that was damaged temporarily.


Rebasing uses the same technique as relining, the difference being that instead of adding a new layer of acrylic, all the old acrylic is changed. Rebasing is used to stabilize a denture that is too large, whose acrylic has been permanently stained or repaired several times.


Relining is a technique for filling partial and removable full dentures to fill the void created by the natural bone resorption process. Denturists recommand having this treatment done every two years. Relining is used to stabilize and restore suction to dentures with teeth that are not yet too worn out by time.

Partial Dentures

A removable partial denture is a device that replaces teeth that have been partially lost, to restore the smile masticatory function. It is removable so that it can be taken out and put back in at one's convenience.


A full dental prosthesis - also called a denture - is the result of a combination of means and techniques aimed at complete dental rehabilitation.

Mouth Guard

The mouthguard is a removable device made of flexible material that usually covers the upper dental arch and is designed to protect the teeth and temporomandibular joints (TMJ). It also aims to reduce the risk of concussion during sports activities.

Bruxism Plate

The bruxism plate is an acrylic resin device that covers the teeth and is designed to protect tooth enamel and to absorb the forces and stress exerted on teeth during bruxism.


FiBER FORCE® is an ultra-thin, lightweight fiber mesh reinforcement that is custom-made and then bonded as a layer in the middle of an upper or lower denture*. Click here to view the brochure. Its unique technology uses e-glass fibers, specifically treated and impregnated with resin. FiBER FORCE® is so strong that it makes the denture thinner and lighter.


Dentures on implants are fixed directly or indirectly to the implants. This process requires the collaborative effort between a denturist and a dental surgeon.

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