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Fiberglass Reinforcement (FiberForce)

Fibreglass reinforcements, also known as Fiber Force, are innovative materials used in denturology to reinforce the structure of dental prostheses, particularly removable prostheses. These reinforcements are made from high-quality glass fibres impregnated with acrylic resin, giving them exceptional strength and greater durability than traditional materials.
The introduction of fibreglass reinforcements has revolutionised the field of prosthetic dentistry by providing an effective solution to the problems of structural weakness and fracture associated with dentures. Glass fibre reinforcements can be used in a variety of prosthetic applications, including strengthening denture bases, and repairing fractures or cracks in existing dentures, while maintaining an aesthetic appearance.
One of the main advantages of fibreglass reinforcements is their exceptional resistance to bending and torsional forces, making them ideal for reinforcing dentures subjected to high stresses during mastication. By using fibreglass reinforcements, denturists can strengthen dentures while keeping the thickness of the denture base to a minimum, contributing to a more comfortable fit and improved aesthetics for the patient.
Another advantage of fibreglass reinforcements is that they are lightweight and flexible, making them more comfortable for the patient to wear.
Fibreglass reinforcements can also be made to measure to perfectly fit the shape of the denture, ensuring optimal structural reinforcement while preserving the aesthetics of the denture. Fibreglass reinforcements are available in a range of shapes and sizes to meet the specific needs of each patient, allowing maximum customisation of prosthetic treatment.
As well as reinforcing existing dentures, fibreglass reinforcements can also be used to repair fractures or cracks in dentures, extending their lifespan. By using advanced denture repair techniques with fibreglass reinforcements, denturists can effectively restore the functionality and aesthetics of damaged dentures.
In conclusion, fibreglass reinforcements, such as Fiber Force, are innovative materials used in prosthetic dentistry to strengthen dentures and resolve structural weaknesses. Thanks to their exceptional strength and light weight, fibreglass reinforcements offer an effective solution for improving the durability, comfort and aesthetics of dentures, ensuring maximum patient satisfaction.
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