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Removable Complete Denture

Complete removable dentures, often referred to as dentures, are prosthetic devices designed to replace all the teeth in a jaw, whether upper, lower or both. They consist of a pink acrylic resin base that mimics natural gums, to which artificial teeth made of acrylic or composite resin are attached.


Complete removable dentures offer a practical and effective solution for restoring chewing function, smile aesthetics and self-confidence in edentulous people.

Complete removable dentures fall into two main categories, depending on their design and method of attachment:

Removable complete dentures: Conventional complete dentures are made for patients who have lost all their teeth and whose oral tissues have healed sufficiently after the remaining teeth have been extracted. They are made to measure from impressions of the patient's jaws and are designed to rest directly on the gums, providing a precise fit and optimum stability. These prostheses are generally fixed in place by natural suction, with the possible addition of a few trays or adhesive gel for better hold.


Implant-supported full dentures: Implant-supported full dentures, also known as implant-supported dentures, are fixed in place using dental implants that are surgically inserted into the patient's jaws. These implants act as a stable and secure support for the denture, eliminating the problems of slippage or movement associated with conventional dentures. Implant-supported dentures offer superior stability, improved chewing function and greater comfort for the patient.

Complete removable dentures offer many advantages for people who are edentulous:

1. Restoration of masticatory function: Complete dentures allow patients to chew and eat a wide variety of foods, improving nutrition and quality of life, not to mention better digestion.

2. Preservation of facial structure: By replacing missing teeth, complete dentures help prevent sagging of the cheeks and lips, maintaining a dynamic facial appearance.

3. Improved smile aesthetics: Complete dentures are designed to be aesthetically appealing, with artificial teeth that closely resemble natural teeth. This allows patients to regain a confident, natural smile.

4. Restored self-confidence: By providing an effective solution to replace missing teeth, full dentures allow patients to regain their self-confidence and socialise without shame or embarrassment.

5. Easy maintenance: Full dentures are easy to maintain with good oral hygiene, including regular brushing and daily cleaning of the denture.

It is important to note that removable full dentures take some time to adjust to, and patients may feel some initial discomfort for the first few days or weeks. Over time, however, most patients become comfortably accustomed to their dentures and are able to take full advantage of their benefits.

In conclusion, removable full dentures are an effective and aesthetic solution for replacing all the teeth in a jaw for edentulous people. Whether removable or implant-supported, these prosthetic devices offer complete restoration of chewing function, smile aesthetics and self-confidence. 


Are you considering a complete removable dental prosthesis?

Make an appointment now with your trusted denturist to discuss the options available and develop a treatment plan tailored to your needs and goals.

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